Colloque Real Country? Geographic, Cultural and Stylistic Challenges to the Country Music Genre 14 novembre 2013

Real Country ?
Geographic, Cultural and Stylistic Challenges to the Country Music Genre

Thursday, November 14 – University of Strasbourg

Salle Alex Weill


9:30am Introduction

9:45 – 12:00

I.The Politics of Country

“Sing Me Back Home”: Country Music and the Counterculture. Melvin Backstrom, McGill University.

Country Music, Yodelling, and the Counter Culture. Timothy Wise, University of Salford.

Themes of ‘Home’ and ‘The Road’ in Post 9/11 Country Music. David Robinson, Leeds Metropolitan University.


12:00 Lunch (buffet Bagelstein)

1:30 Keynote: Real Country Revisited. Aaron A. Fox, Columbia University.

2:30 – 4:00

II.Geography and Identity in Country Music

Keep it Country! Lots of Fiddle and Steel! Negotiations and re-negotiations in the Swedish Country Music Culture. Thomas Bossius, University of Gothenburg.

“Can You Sell Me Some Good Ole Bluegrass?” The Struggle of an Evolving Style with its Traditional Image. Vincent Cherré, Université de Nantes.

Country Music in Quebec: Americanness, Legitimacy, and Authenticity. Catherine Lefrançois, LIAM, OICRM, Université de Montréal.

4:00 Coffee Break


III.Race and Gender

Brad Paisley—A Different Kind of Cowboy Before “Accidental Racist”? Anthony Kosar, Rider University.

The Country Rap “Fusion” and its Side Effects. Elsa Grassy, Université de Strasbourg.

The Ladies of Country: A Tentative Typology. Bernard Genton, Université de Strasbourg.


5:45-6:00 Conclusion.