Imagining Ireland's Future, 1870-1914 : Home Rule, Utopia, Dystopia (Pauline Collombier)

In Imagining Ireland's Future, 1870-1914 : Home Rule, Utopia, Dystopia, Pauline Collombier explores Irish home rule and Ireland's political future, analyses of a body of about 30 little known future fictions dealing with Irish home rule and provides a comparative study of the nationalist discourse and of the unionist discourse on Irish home rule.



Table of Contents:

Front Matter: Pages i-xiii

Introduction: Pages 1-19

‘Home Rule’ Imagined by Its Champions: Pages 21-46

The Future of Ireland in the Pro-home Rule Press: Pages 47-89

Irish Self-Government Further Imagined: Pro-home Rule Fiction: Pages 91-123

Home Rule as an Anti-utopia: Advanced Nationalism and the Future of Ireland: Pages 125-156

Home Rule as Dystopia: What Unionists Feared Would Happen Under Irish Self-Rule: Pages 157-218

Reaching Out to New Converts, Providing an Outlet for New Voices: The Use of Images and Fiction in the Debate on Ireland’s Future: Pages 219-250

British Positivists and the Prospect of Home Rule: Pages 251-274

Michael Davitt, Utopianism and Home Rule: Pages 275-299

William Morris and Irish Home Rule: Pages 301-324

Epilogue: Pages 325-333

Back Matter (bibliography/index): Pages 335-362