Framing / Unframing Spaces (éd: Gwendolyne Cressman, Rémi Vuillemin et Fanny Moghaddassi)

Polysèmes is a biannual academic journal of intertextual and intermedial studies. It was founded in 1989 by SAIT (French Society for the Study of Arts, Images and Texts). It seeks to explore the relationships between different works of art, different forms of art, from writing to painting, from music to literature. A text can conjure up a painting, just as music can resonate with words. Texts interact with each other. Whether they be verbal, visual or musical, the signs used in all arts echo one another. A book may point to or hide other books. It may evoke paintings it cannot paint and music it cannot play.

28 | 2022
Framing / Unframing Spaces

Edited by Gwendolyne Cressman, Rémi Vuillemin and Fanny Moghaddassi

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