Journée d'études IDEA / SEARCH Radicalism, Radicalisation and Deradicalisation in Ireland from 1798 to the present day 17 avril 2024

Événement passé
17 avril 2024
8h30 18h
CLSH Nancy (Université de Lorraine)

Co-organised by lecturers from the Université de Lorraine – IDEA and from the Université de Strasbourg – SEARCH, with the support of the GIS EIRE and the SOFEIR, this event will take place in Nancy.

The keynote speakers are Professor Peter Gray (Queen’s University Belfast) and Professor Eugenio Biagini (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge). The other contributors are invited to examine the different facets of radicalism in Ireland, both in terms of its various forms and the different processes by which radicalisation, and then de-radicalisation, take place.

Radicalism is often perceived as the extreme expression of a political or religious ideology, but it also defines movements committed to substantial reforms. In Ireland, historiography has focused mainly on political radicalism and its various expressions over time. From the United Irishmen’s revolutionary insurrection of 1798 and that of Young Ireland’s in 1848 to the War of Independence and the Civil War, political demands have often been associated with civil rights and parliamentary autonomy, but also with rural agitation for land redistribution. The aim of this study day is to extend these questions to other forms of radicalism, and to the dynamic processes in which they are embedded.

Download the full programme here.

Organisers: Karina Wendling (U. Lorraine), Vanessa Boulet (U. Lorraine), Pauline Collombier (U. Strasbourg), and Tim Heron (U. Strasbourg)


Date : 17 April 2024
Time: 8.30am to 6pm
Location: CLSH Nancy, 23 boulevard Albert 1er, Nancy (Université de Lorraine)