Séminaire SEARCH avec Samuel Jay Smucker (Indiana University, USA)

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15 mai 2023

Samuel Jay Smucker of Indiana University presents:

Melvin Van Peebles’s Three Pick-Up Men for Herrick: Political Aesthetics and Transatlantic Film Distribution

Sam Smucker’s dissertation research is on the creative works and life of director and author Melvin Van Peebles during the years he lived in Paris, 1960-1968. Sam is a film historian with an interest in African American cinema, narrative theory, and aesthetics. He is the recipient of a Chateaubriand Fellowship for 2023. He previously worked in film distribution and as a union organizer. 

This material is based upon research supported by the Chateaubriand Fellowship of the Office for Science & Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States.

The talk will be given over Zoom. For the link, please contact David Lipson lipson[at]unistra.fr


Date: le 15 mai 2023
Horaire : 10-12h
Visioconférence : pour le lien, contacter lipson[at]unistra.fr