Ears Prize for the best PHD thesis in English literary and cultural studies

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of EARS (English and American Rhenish Scholars), the EUCOR-based cooperation of the English departments of the universities of Freiburg, Basle, Mulhouse and Strasbourg, awarded for the first time a prize for the best PhD thesis in English Studies submitted within the last five years at one of the four universities. For 2020 the prize was supposed to have been awarded a second time for the quincennium. However, due to the Corona lockdown, we have decided to extend the period for another year and to award the prize in 2021 with an in presentia celebration, we hope. 

Professors, especially supervisers, from the four universities are asked to nominate theses. The theses should be on a subject in English or anglophone literary studies, cultural studies or civilization. For nominations the relevant date will be that of the thesis submission and not the defence (Rigorosum) or viva which must lie between 31 March 2015 and 31 December 2020. The prize will be € 800.- .


Nominations with a digital copy of the thesis and copies of each of the official reports as well as copies of the candidate's cv should reach the committee headed by 

Monika Fludernik sekretariat.fludernik[at]anglistik.uni-freiburg.de

by 1 February, 2021


At a later point, printed copies of the theses may be asked for for the referees. The committee of readers will be constituted on the basis of submitted theses to ensure the readers' proper qualification for the topics treated in the theses.


Depending on the corona-related situation, the committee will constitute itself either during the EUCOR MA and PhD conference in the spring of 2021 or via zoom. The prize will be awarded at the December 2021 EARS meeting.